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Welcome to Aqua Maddison Numerology & Tarot Readings


Aqua Maddison provides free daily numerology and astronumerology readings to help you find your guidance from the Universe. Numerology goes further than analysing an individual's name or date of birth. Every aspect to life is dependent upon numbers and each number has a vibratory influence which can be used as a daily guide to our destiny.


Click on the numerology or astronumerology links below to view your message of guidance.


Daily numerology readings

Current numerology reading for 26 June 2018

Previous numerology reading for 25 June 2018


Daily astronumerology readings

Current astronumerology reading for 26 June 2018

Previous astronumerology reading for 25 June 2018


For our special numerology friends and followers we also provide daily tarot readings. Tarot cards offer a spiritual connection to the energy that surrounds us and helps tap into the guidance of the Universe. Seek your guidance from our free tarot readings below.


Daily tarot card readings

Current tarot reading for 26 June 2018

Previous tarot reading for 25 June 2018


What is numerology? How does numerology work?

To find out more on numerology visit our About numerology page.



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