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Tarot cards are an ancient set of spiritual cards which offer a connection to the energy that surrounds us. By connecting to this energy we are able to gain insightful guidance from the Universe into our destiny. These tarot readings are posted by Glen Hayman, a member of Aqua Maddison Numerology. Glen was a tarot card reader for the website before it became part of Aqua Maddison Numerology.


Open your heart and mind to the spiritual guidance of tarot.


Tarot Reading for Sunday 23rd July 2017



Today focuses on the appearance of Strength, Three of Pentacles, Temperance and Six of Pentacles.


Strength’s combination with the Three of Pentacles, Temperance and the Six of Pentacles shows the power of the group. The Three of Pentacles encourages you to join in with the group as there are many benefits that you can give each other. Temperance shows the benefits of collaboration and cooperation as you all combine to make some significant achievements. Many hands make light work, and that light work can turn into mountains of achievement. It’s not all limited to physical work as the generosity, kindness and compassion of the Six of Pentacles shows the wealth of support that you can give each other during the tough moments. Find your people, as they can help you find your place in the world.






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