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Tarot cards are an ancient set of spiritual cards which offer a connection to the energy that surrounds us. By connecting to this energy we are able to gain insightful guidance from the Universe into our destiny. These tarot readings are posted by Glen Hayman, a member of Aqua Maddison Numerology. Glen was a tarot card reader for the website before it became part of Aqua Maddison Numerology.


Open your heart and mind to the spiritual guidance of tarot.


Tarot Reading for Monday 26th February 2018


Five of Cups

Today’s reading focuses on the appearance of Five of Cups, Ten of Wands, Ace of Pentacles and King of Cups.


The return of Saturday’s combination of the Five of Cups and Ten of Wands brings continuation for that second opportunity. If you’ve had to wait for a work/business day to let fly with your energetic determination, then the day has arrived. You know from the appearance of the Ten of Wands that you could be in for a hard, drawn-out process, but you also know that the effort is well and truly worth the rewards. Your time to set something right starts now.


Good timing is seen in the Ace of Pentacles and this is a big positive for commencing your second chance. It will help you time your run. A fortunate set of circumstances can arrive just as you need things to click together.


Emotionally, you can feel a lot stronger with the presence of the King of Cups. Today’s opportunity can be just what you need to bring a big dose of happiness and confidence. You will feel right because you know it is right. Let nothing stop you.


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