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Tarot cards are an ancient set of spiritual cards which offer a connection to the energy that surrounds us. By connecting to this energy we are able to gain insightful guidance from the Universe into our destiny. These tarot readings are posted by Glen Hayman, a member of Aqua Maddison Numerology. Glen was a tarot card reader for the website before it became part of Aqua Maddison Numerology.


Open your heart and mind to the spiritual guidance of tarot.


Tarot Reading for Wednesday 23rd August 2017


Ten of Pentacles

Todayís reading focuses on the appearance of the Ten of Pentacles, The Empress, Nine of Wands and Page of Pentacles.


The welfare of family can be of increasing importance today. The Ten of Pentacles and The Empress combine to show how important family is. The generalised Ten of Pentacles shows the different ages coming together as one. This is a case of making sure you are there to look after each other. The different generations need to work as one as the peace, love and harmony of the domestic Empress becomes the main focus. Take the time to ensure all family members are okay. A quiet member of your family can be quiet for a reason; make sure they are not bottling up their problems. If you are separated from your family by physical distance, try to make contact to ensure everything is still okay at home. Taking a few minutes out of your schedule to show you care will mean the world to them.


In the area of work and careers, the Nine of Wands and Page of Pentacles makes a good combination for those thinking of a change. The Nine of Wands is there to give you strength and courage to follow a happier career path. It can help you understand that taking the chance of leaving one environment for another in order to find a happier place is important. The Page of Pentacles looks at manifestation in your career zone. It can help find those opportunities for change. If you are unhappy, go and search for those other positions that are available. Donít dwell in a rut.


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