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Tarot Reading for Saturday 26th May 2018


Today focuses on the appearance of the King of Cups, Nine of Wands, Seven of Wands and Six of Wands.


The King of Cups is a reflection of emotional balance and control. It is there to help you avoid moodiness and emotional outbursts. It encourages you to find a state of peace and harmony. Focus only on the positive topics and positive memories and you will go a long way to finding a peaceful frame of mind. Make a determined effort to control any temper.


The Nine of Wands brings an energy of encouragement to your area of creativity. It wants you to experiment with those creative thoughts that cross your mind. If there is a certain project that you would like to try, today gives you the push to have a try. The Seven of Wands tells you not to listen to any words of criticism in your efforts. You have the opportunity to prove people wrong. Donít let any obstacles stop you from testing new interests and dreams. The Six of Wands shows success is there for you. You can win some very strong recognition for showing what you are capable of doing.



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