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Welcome to your free daily numerology reading. Remember, if you are reading this message then it is intended for you. The universe has guided you to this reading for a reason. It encourages you to open your mind and to look deeper into the message of this reading to find your spiritual guidance.


Numerology reading for Thursday 14th December 2017


The long-form calculation of today brings the core number of 6.


Today, core number 6 shows its other side as it aims to set your focus on those more serious matters. The occasional light-hearted moment in the day is still okay, but today should strongly focus on responsibilities and the role you need to fill. It shows a day to be aware of what is expected from you and to do your best to fulfil those expectations. It can also be a day when extra responsibility is placed upon. While this can be a good thing, as it stems from recognition of your past efforts, make sure you only accept this added responsibility if you have the extended physical capacity to cope with it. The desire to take on more responsibility can at times exceed our limitations so make sure you take care of yourself.


Best wishes from Aqua Maddison.


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