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About us: Aqua Maddison


Aqua Maddison provides free daily numerology, astronumerology and tarot readings via the website. Our readings come from a professional background and offer our readers the guidance they seek in finding their destiny.


It is our philosophy that if you are reading our numerology, astronumerology or tarot readings then that message is intended for you. The Universe has directed you to the reading so you can receive an important message that is there to guide you on your path through life. To gain the most of the message you will need to open your mind to discover the true meaning of the message and how it applies to your situation. Your reaction to the message is what the Universe wants, and numerology, astronumerology and tarot readings are some of the valuable tools it uses as guidance. Whether you view the message in a positive sense and follow it to the letter, or a negative sense and turn against it, the Universe uses that reaction to help guide you down a certain path or present you with a lesson.


Aqua Maddison provides the daily readings from Australia but the messages apply to everyone worldwide. Numerology, for example, is based on numbers of specific dates and events that apply throughout the world. Our readings are not specific to those located in only one country, they are there to help everyone find their true path in life.


Thank you for visiting Aqua Maddison. If you wish to learn more about numerology please visit our About numerology page. Alternatively you can find out more on our other spiritual readings by visiting our Daily astronumerology page or Daily tarot readings page.


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